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The background most people care about:

I graduated from Yale College in 1992 with a major in American Studies.

I spent three years completing pre-medical requirements at UT Austin so I could remember what science was, and two years teaching the MCAT for the Princeton Review so I could remember what math was.

I attended Stanford School of Medicine in 2004.

I did my family medicine residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

I trained in all sorts of non-traditional modalities so I could help my sickest patients, make the world a better place, or both at once: medical acupuncture; Balint credentialing; Craniosacral Fascial Therapy; the Art of Hosting; Autonomic Response Testing; and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation’s Provider Training Program.

I opened an integrative, holistic, complexity practice out of my home in 2012, and have been developing a wellness center around it. Learn more about our wellness center at Trout Creek Healing Collective here.

My first ebook, Life After Lyme: Revive Your Inner Rock Star and Achieve a Full Recovery, will be available October 1, 2018. 

The background I care most about:

I have a loving husband and four beautiful, creative, and spirited children. Raising them is the most meaningful work I do.

I believe that that everyone of us has unique and important contributions to make if we are going to heal the Earth for ourselves and future generations. I help to recover people from complex, chronic medically mysterious illnesses so I can contribute to bringing “all hands on deck.” It is incredibly meaningful work, second only to raising my children.

I believe that life is a team sport. We were not meant to do this alone. It is in the best interest of whatever Healing Project you are undertaking to cultivate a sustainable, effective, and adequate healing “team.” Read more about Healing Projects and the importance of teams here.

I believe that we are not only physical beings, but social, conceptual, emotional, and spiritual beings, as well. I have witnessed sustained healing from a CCMMI when recovery focuses on all “limbs” of our “tree.” Read more about your tree and how to nourish it in my Blog.  

I have had Lyme disease three distinct times, including what I call my Near Death Experience. That was the second time, in 2011…but by Round 3, I had pretty much figured out how to make recovery a piece of cake. My passion is teaching others how to choose and use the most natural, sustainable methods in order to recover their own inner Rock Star. Learn more here.

I believe that Lyme is not the entire problem—though at some point in treatment I usually use a very focused strategy to kill those bugs. Rather, I have learned that the terrain–the vitality, strength and resilience of the host–is the most important factor determining not just how sick one gets from Lyme, but also the approach needed to ensure a full recovery. Read more about the Terrain and Complexity in my Blog.

My practice is currently evolving as I seek to make an ever greater impact on the lives of those with CCMMIs. Once my ebook is finished, I look forward to hosting web-based group visits, running retreats for patients as well as doctors looking to learn more about working with complex illness, and continuing to write as a way to engage and support like minds seeking wellness and wholeness.

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