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If you or someone you care about is struggling to recover from Lyme disease, read on.  Having experienced Lyme disease three times, I know the suffering it can cause…and also the way out.  I’ve pulled together everything useful that I’ve learned along the way into a straightforward, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to recover from Lyme and the co-infections. My heartfelt wish is to reach all those out there who suffer from this disease and teach them everything they need to know to recover fully. It’s time to get back to living your amazing life.

This ebook will empower you with the knowledge and the practical tools you need to recover fully from this complex, medically mysterious illness–not just physically but in mind and spirit, as well.

Page after page, it will teach you how to take your Lyme Healing Project into your own hands….because when it comes right down to it, you are the only real expert in your own experience.

Here are a few other areas of expertise you can expect to gain from reading this ebook:

  • How to heal the gut with a nutrition plan that is straightforward and delicious

  • How to choose the best natural remedies to deal with Lyme and the co-infections, and how to know which ones to focus on, and when

  • How to prevent and soften Herxheimer reactions so that progress doesn’t have to be painful

  • How to navigate complexity, which is the terrain of Lyme

  • How to create your Healing Team of supportive people, healthy environments, practical tools, and nurturing practices so that you don’t have to do this alone

  • How to release limiting beliefs so they won’t sabotage your efforts and keep you from reaching your goals

  • …and much, much more!

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